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Foods That Can Make You Fat Quickly

  • Cakes and cupcakes:
These are just a super blend of refined flour, sugars, saturated fats and coloring agents. They together contribute for fat deposition on over indulging.
  • Aerated drinks:
Sugar load in them can get converted to fat easily.
  • High-fat dairy products:
Consuming a lot of dairy products like butter, cheese, cream, paneer, ghee and milk which are high in saturated fats makes you obese. These the healthy only when we consume them in moderation.
  • Fried foods:
Most of the times oily foods comes with trans fats, high sodium and sugar contents which are unhealthy.
  • Cookies and biscuits:
Refined flour and sugar, a perfect combo for easy fat accumulation.
  • Chocolates and Ice creams:
Again sugars and bad fats are the the culprits.
In summary, try to limit those foods which are high in sugars, saturated fats, artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives.

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